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Book Review: The Duke And I by Julia Quinn

First book read for this year was the Duke and I by Julia Quinn. I was in the mood to start this year with a light romance and I did not expect The Duke and I to be such a controversial book. When I noticed the new series Bridgerton, I knew I’d be hooked on the show. Historical romance drama/comedy? Count me in! And of course when I heard that the show is based on a book series, I had to read the book before watching the series on Netflix. I kinda wish I hadn’t, even though 80% of the book was enjoyable.

The main couple as seen on the Netflix series Bridgerton

I was so ready to just enjoy a fluffy, historical romance (sort of if Jane Austen would have written for a more steamy Harlequin series), so imagine the surprise and disappointment when the book offered a very weird, disturbing twist towards the end. I can only hope that the Netflix series handles the scene differently when eventually I will watch all the episodes.

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Starting The 2021 Reading Challenges

In 2020 I read 72 books which was likely a record amount for me. I finished two reading challenges: The Finnish Helmet (Helsinki Metropolitan Area Libraries) Reading Challenge and the better known Popsugar Reading Challenge. I don’t know if 2021 will be as friendly for reading, but I will still attempt to do both of these challenges again. I just love Reading Challenges! Especially now that it’s all about having lots of time for planning and no panic yet about filling some of the more challenging prompts. 🙂 ❤

I’ve always loved to read, so doing these Reading Challenges isn’t about increasing the number of books I read (though it’s a nice bonus if it happens), but most of all I enjoy the variety these challenges bring to my usual reading habits. Pushing yourself out of your usual genres or series might lead to something really really great. And getting new, or different perspectives is usually a good thing too.

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Bye 2020 and Happy New Year!

Thank you and goodbye 2020, I don’t think you will be missed much. I’m assuming that pretty much everyone agrees that we are more than done with this year and ready to see what 2021 has to offer. 🙂

Despite this year being weird/stressful/horrible/disappointing/insert any negative feeling here, I did experience lots of good things too. Wellbeing truly became the positive theme for this year. Time to do some reflection.

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2020 Reading Challenges Done!

We are in halfway through December and I made it with the two Reading Challenges I wanted to get done this year: the Finnish (Helsinki Metropolitan Area Libraries) Helmet Reading Challenge and also the Popsugar Reading Challenge. If there was anything good about the year 2020, more time for reading was it. ❤

These are the books I read for the Helmet Reading Challenge.

So far I’ve read 69 books this year, which has to be a personal record! I read some amazing books, some ok books, and some not so impressive books. But overall this year brought many books that again I wouldn’t have read without the Reading Challenges.

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Book review: Plain Bad Heroines by Emily M. Danforth

Another great book read in our book club: The Plain Bad Heroines is a fascinating book! I’m not even sure what the genre is: modern gothic horror with a splash of sharp humor and focus on lesbian relationships? It’s listed as a Dark Academia book in this Popsugar article, Dark Academia being one of the prompts for the recently published Popsugar 2021 Reading Challenge. No matter what the correct genre is, this book just works, and author Emily M. Danforth really made a book that really has the reader hooked.

Eleanor Faderman knew many books. But never before had she read a book that seemed to know her.

This year managed to surprise me with some books/genres that I’ve really enjoyed but would not usually read. Horror seems to be one of these genres: first Mexican Gothic and now Plain Bad Heroines. This might just be a new start for me to really explore some of the modern horror titles.

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Book recommendations from November

First week of December is gone and I can’t believe this year is actually coming to an end! Not complaining though, but honestly I can’t believe that it’s Christmas in just a couple of weeks and that means many holiday days and lots and lots of reading time. ❤ As mentioned in my previous post, I read less during November (due to focusing on writing), but there were a couple of books I read and would like to recommend.

Three very different books but I enjoyed all of them in different ways. Caitlin Moran’s book had me laughing so much, and the lightly Christmas themed book from Josie Silver was great for this season. And Varjonyrkkeilijä tells a difficult, and relevant, story on how a sport coaches can use their power in such horrible ways on young athletes.

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I wrote over 50 000 words in November – NaNoWriMo Winner!

Oh wow, it has been forever since I’ve last updated here about the books I’ve read, but it was for the best of reasons! 🙂 Today I won National Novel Writing Month a.k.a. NaNoWriMo! This was the first win for me, yay! For those who have no idea what this is, long story short: the point is to attempt to write 50 000 words of your novel in the month of November. Which is a lot. For me it required this quiet year to be able to finally pull this off. And if this horrible year has given us something, it’s certainly extra time at home.

In October (Preptober as the NaNoWriMo community calls it) I decided that since I had taken the effort to plot a novel idea during summer, I’d try to finally win NaNoWriMo for the first time. For the first time ever there was endless time ahead, a quiet November due to all the restrictions and social distancing, so this really was the time to focus on my writing hobby and push myself to write more than ever.

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