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November feels

Autumn has changed to winter here in Finland and even though it’s been all gloomy and rainy for most days, we did get a bit of snow here in the south too. It’s gone now but it was lovely while it lasted. 🙂

This is so much better than rain and dark, muddy ground in addition to the early darkness we get this time of the year.

November is hated by many, but I tend to enjoy it. It’s my birthday month, maybe that has something to do with it (making me more tolerant to dark and misery?) and of course it’s the season of hygge. The weather demands you to stay indoors and just enjoy being warm and cozy.

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Book Review: Talvikirja by Maija Tiensuu and Annabelle Antas

Talvikirja is a Finnish book about winter, and how to best enjoy the winter months. It’s a combination of beautiful photographs and tips for wintery things to do, recipes and just short tales of how the winter months are experienced by the authors.

It was sleeting a bit here in Southern Finland, so winter is definitely on its way. It’s getting darker and darker every day and soon we will have only limited hours of daylight time and that continues for a couple of months. It’s depressing to some, but for me this season has always been very cozy. I love early autumn’s colors and when that’s done I love the feeling of staying inside and doing things I enjoy with good conscience ,when the weather doesn’t favor going out. And of course, since I’m a Christmas person, I like the “preparation months” when it’s not yet hectic, and one can dream of a calm Christmas before the hassle really starts in December. 🙂

Ota aikalisä arjen kiireistä ja opettele nauttimaan vuoden pimeimmästä ajasta niin sisällä kuin ulkona.

Rough translation from Finnish: “Take a timeout from the everyday hustle and learn to enjoy the darkest time of the year both inside and outside.”

This book was very enjoyable to me and it very gently sets the mood for this season. This season is all about adjusting your attitude and making the best of the dark and cold months.

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