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Book review: Help Me! by Marianne Power

Somehow it took me way too long to finish this book about self-help, but in the end it was an interesting read.

What happens when you try to follow the advice of various self-help books for a year? It certainly wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows for author Marianne Power and she tells openly about her experiment in her first book: Help Me!

I wasn’t taking a swim in Lake Me, I was drowning in it. Self-examination had turned to self-loathing.

I think I will stay away from self-help related books for a while now. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Foot injury update – first time at gym in four months!

Suddenly it’s May! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Which means that it really is starting to look like spring, in Finnish standards anyway (it was still randomly snowing just a week ago). It also it means that it’s now been roughly 4 months since I had the first, more severe, plantar plate tear on my right foot and around 2 months since the less severe tear was found in my left foot.

Some green visible here and there!

Never ever did I think that this would take so long! Finding the patience to go through recovery definitely still feels challenging at times.

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Setback with the foot injury but it’s ok

So it turns out there is a plantar plate tear in my left foot too but at least it’s not as severe yet as with the right foot and hopefully it will not go there. So things are still ongoing, uncertain and it definitely feels challenging.

It’s still cold but having plenty of flowers at home helps make it feel like it’s really spring!

I had been noticing some occasional pain in my left foot for some time now and finally had an MRI to confirm suspicions of a tear. Physiotherapy has been put to pause while the left foot recovers for a month or so. It’s going to be an even longer spring but it’s ok. This time I know what to expect, most likely, and that seems to make an important difference.

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Foot injury and not being the greatest person while recovering

First physiotherapy session done and many home “workouts” to do at home before the next one! I was so happy to be able to go for a brunch and see Captain Marvel last weekend (loved it!) and just stretch my legs a bit and do normal stuff.

It doesn’t take much to have my injured foot tired and aching but I am slowly getting better so I thought I’d share some things I’ve noticed about recovering during these past months.

It’s spring so there’s more and more daylight which is welcome.

This was my first injury of this severity and it surprised me how I didn’t feel like myself at all during the worst weeks of the injury. But as the pain got easier, I was able to have better moments and reflect about how I was really feeling.

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Some progress with the foot injury!

In one of my previous posts I went through the foot injury (plantar plate tear and stress fracture) I suffered about two months ago. This week I finally got confirmation that surgery at this point is not necessary and that I can slowly start rehabilitation and physiotherapy. Phew, what a relief!

It’s still a long and painful road but at least I won’t need to recover from a surgery that might leave me with less mobility than before!

After six weeks I am free of the boot thingy! Also, I haven’t cared about matching socks all this year ๐Ÿ™‚

So now it’s all about new challenges.

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Plantar plate tear, stress fracture and lots of pain

I’ve been mentioning the words “foot injury” a couple of times and thought that it would be good to go through some thoughts about it.

I had some random pains in my right foot in November/December and just after I had created this blog my foot pains got a lot worse and I finally went to doctor to get it properly checked. After an x-ray and an MRI, it turned out that at some point my foot had suffered a stress fracture in one of the sesamoid bones and even worse, a plantar plate tear. I have no idea what caused these but I normally exercise actively so I most likely did this to myself over time.

This winter turned out to be really snowy and beautiful and I’m sad that I wasn’t able to go out and enjoy it.

This was right in the beginning of January, and we are now in mid-February, so for someone who is used to being active and independent, this has been much more difficult than I thought. I haven’t had an injury of this severity since I was a kid, so being helpless and in pain was new and extremely uncomfortable for me and I was surprised at how strongly I reacted to all of it.

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First book for the Reading Challenge

I’m back and I’m happy to say that I’ve finished first book for the Reading Challenge that I was talking about in my previous post here.

I know that I am young, but I am ready for the great responsibility that lies before me

Book cover of Victoria. Image credit to Goodreads.
My rating for this book: 5 stars

What can I say, I’m a sucker for a period drama whether on TV or in books, love them! This book was written by the author (Daisy Goodwin) who also created and wrote the tv drama “Victoria”.
I’ve enjoyed watching the drama on tv and once I realized that this book has the same take on the historical characters, I was sold and wanted to read more about young queen Victoria and her struggles to become an adult and a sovereign.

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