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Book review: Nine Perfect Strangers by Liane Moriarty

Time flies when you’re on a vacation! 🙂 July was lovely but now it definitely seems like summer is showing signs of turning into early autumn. I finished a couple of books during the summer vacation and Nine Perfect Strangers was one of them.

Just don’t do anything you’re not comfortable with. That’s all I can say.”

Nice view for some reading.

This was the first book from Liane Moriarty I’ve read and I had quite high expectations because I absolutely loved HBO’s Big Little Lies series that’s based on Moriarty’s work.

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Book review: Seriously…I’m Kidding by Ellen DeGeneres

This book was exactly what I wanted for a warm summer day: light and funny! And it was also perfect for the 24in48 readathon weekend where you kinda want something that’s quick to read so you can meet your goals. 🙂 Not that I take challenges seriously or anything…

If someone ever says you’re weird, say thank you. And then curtsy. No, don’t curtsy. That might be too weird. Bow. And tip your imaginary hat. That’ll show them.

And no, didn’t make it to 24 hours of reading with the readathon. But I did finish two books and read for roughly 13 hours during the weekend. Not bad at all!

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Summer feels and foot injury update

June is done and it’s time to focus on relaxing. It’s summer holiday month in Finland! 🙂

It’s feels weird to “suddenly” be on vacation. I spent so much time stuck at home this year (with the foot injury) that I kinda wasn’t prepared to be at home again, but luckily it’s not with an injury this time! Summer vacation is always welcome, no matter what.

Summer house views during Midsummer. The sunset picture above was taken at 11pm so it really is the celebration of the nightless night. ❤

A week ago Midsummer celebrations kicked off summer holiday season and the weekend was really lovely. It must have been one of the warmest Midsummer weekends we’ve had in years.

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