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Summer Vacation Is Over – What Did I Read?

Four weeks of summer vacation flew by! It happens every year: you celebrate the start of the vacation and suddenly you notice that July’s over! What happened? Fun happened, that’s what. 🙂 I’m not saying summer is over though, it’s still nice and warm in Finland and there’s still time for plenty of summer activities before autumn. Besides, I love autumn season, and am already planning to put some balcony lights on since the evenings are slowly getting darker again. ❤

So obviously I read some books during the vacation and I am well ahead of my schedule to finish the reading challenges!

I love to read late when I’m on vacation, we are such night owls! It’s going to take some time to get used to earlier wakeups again. 😀

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Book Review: Beach Read by Emily Henry

This was such a fun, touching book to read on my summer vacation. I’ve often said that contemporary romance isn’t usually what I choose to read but Beach Read by Emily Henry was just the perfect summer read. Heatwave, lazy days and funny yet thought-provoking book: perfection. ❤

Happy. Not giddy or overjoyed, but that low, steady level of happiness that, in the best periods of life, rides underneath everything else, a buffer between you and the world you are walking over.

I really enjoyed this romcom setting combined with some very thought-provoking themes that resonated with my own experiences from my teenage years.

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Recently Read Books/ Beach Read Recommendations

Summer vacation has started and it is time to just chill, enjoy sunshine and obviously books too! Finland has been having an unusually warm summer so far, so if this continues I will expect to read plenty of books by the sea where the lovely breeze will balance the current heatwave. ❤

What does “beach read” mean? I’d say anything that you want to take with you to the beach, anything that will keep you interested, happy and enjoying the relaxing feeling of reading. For some it’s romance, for some it’s mysteries and for some it’s something completely else. I am a mood reader, and usually have multiple books I’m reading through, so there are usually also multiple genres represented. 🙂 A common combination would be one non-fiction, one fantasy/scifi and one mystery. Anyway, here are two books I read earlier this spring/summer and they could work well as beach reads.

They are both contemporary books, one romance and one mystery. I don’t usually go for contemporary ones but perhaps these social distancing/staying home times are making me miss the contemporary world too in addition to the usual historical or fantasy settings. For some reason both of these books are set in Scotland, I just realized! That’s still on our bucket list: travel to Scotland, rent a car and just enjoy looking around the amazing nature and historical sights, so I’m sure this is my subconscious telling me not to forget about these travel dreams!

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Books I Read During Summer Staycation

Summer vacation went by so quickly, even though the days felt really slow and relaxing. I would have been happy with one more week of vacation, but it’s really nice to be back to (remote) work and see everyone in video calls.

Since this summer vacation was less about traveling and events, there was plenty time to enjoy sunshine and read outside. It’s almost September now, which means that my favorite season of autumn/winter/Christmas preparation is coming up and reading outside will change to curling up inside with a pile of books, cups of tea and mulled wine and woolen socks. I love autumn and welcome the change of season. ❤

Here are the books I read during summer staycation. Some I liked and some left me disappointed.

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Recently Read Books

Even though it’s been busy before summer vacation started, there has been time to read some light fiction, of course. Sometimes it’s nice to read books that might not have the “wow effect” because they still give you the satisfaction of being entertained and finishing a story, even if just to fill some prompts of the reading challenges. 🙂

Reading experience doesn’t always have to be very deep and thought provoking. Sometimes it’s nice to just read and take your mind away from whatever stress you’re experiencing.

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Book review: The Guest List by Lucy Foley

July and summer vacation means of course more time for reading! My to-read pile is huge, so it’s time dig in to that pile and rediscover what I’ve purchased earlier this year (and last year). 🙂 I’ve mentioned before that I don’t usually read modern day thrillers/mysteries, but somehow The Guest List made its way to my to-read pile, and it happened to be also one of the recent books to read in Reese Witherspoon’s book club. So why not?

It’s a strange thing when you consider that the dead on this island far outnumber the living, even now that some of the guests have arrived. Tomorrow will redress the balance.

I’m happy to say this was a pleasant surprise, can recommend!

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Book review: Nine Perfect Strangers by Liane Moriarty

Time flies when you’re on a vacation! 🙂 July was lovely but now it definitely seems like summer is showing signs of turning into early autumn. I finished a couple of books during the summer vacation and Nine Perfect Strangers was one of them.

Just don’t do anything you’re not comfortable with. That’s all I can say.”

Nice view for some reading.

This was the first book from Liane Moriarty I’ve read and I had quite high expectations because I absolutely loved HBO’s Big Little Lies series that’s based on Moriarty’s work.

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