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I Wrote An Interactive Short Story!

I am usually very shy to talk about my writing hobby, even though I’ve been writing on and off since my teenage years. But now I want to proudly show that I wrote a short adventure story for a writing contest by Sana: Interactive Stories, and was lucky to be one of the winners. ❤

The theme was ”supernatural romance” and that was such a suitable theme for me that I knew I had to try and write something! I was rewarded with 3rd place in the contest, and felt super proud of myself.
Click the picture to see Sana: Interactive Stories post about my story on their FB page.

Cover image of my story by Sana: Interactive stories

Interactive stories have always been close to my heart, but I’d never written one myself before I wrote ”Towards Freedom”. The short story is light, romantic fantasy and very much my genre. I felt so at home with this type of a story, and it was just so much fun to type the story in a couple of evenings. Even though this was the first time I wrote a story with choices, it was surprisingly natural to me. I guess it helps that as a gamer, I’m very much used to experiencing stories with choices, and also I had editing help as part of my prize of the contest which was really helpful. It was great to experience an editing process for the first time. This whole process gave me a boost of confidence, because I’ve always doubted myself as a writer even though I do it just as a hobby. Hopefully as a result I will try to be more open about my writing projects in the future and less embarrassed that I really like writing (and reading) “romantic fluff”. 🙂

I think it’s a really nice idea to have a platform where anyone can write and publish interactive stories in an easy way, so I really hope people will find and enjoy Sana: Interactive Stories app! Check out the their FB post of my story here and I hope you’ll try out the app and enjoy my story there!

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