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Book Review: Skyward by Brandon Sanderson

Skyward was chosen as the summer read for my book club. I knew I’d read this book anyway, but I’m happy I was able to recommend this to others too because our club really enjoyed Skyward. I think Skyward is currently one of my top 3 books I’ve read this year so far. Skyward is YA science fiction at its best: big themes, growth story and great characters interacting with each other and the world around them.

You get to choose who you are. Legacy, memories of the past, can serve us well. But we cannot let them define us. When heritage becomes a box instead of an inspiration, it has gone too far.

Sanderson keeps impressing me with his way of writing and the characters he creates. It was such joy to read this Skyward and I can’t wait to read the next one.

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Books I Read During Summer Staycation

Summer vacation went by so quickly, even though the days felt really slow and relaxing. I would have been happy with one more week of vacation, but it’s really nice to be back to (remote) work and see everyone in video calls.

Since this summer vacation was less about traveling and events, there was plenty time to enjoy sunshine and read outside. It’s almost September now, which means that my favorite season of autumn/winter/Christmas preparation is coming up and reading outside will change to curling up inside with a pile of books, cups of tea and mulled wine and woolen socks. I love autumn and welcome the change of season. ❀

Here are the books I read during summer staycation. Some I liked and some left me disappointed.

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Book review: Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

The title says “review” but really this is a recommendation to read Americanah. I enjoyed the book so much, and am convinced that Adichie has her place as one of my favorite writers. ❀ Americanah is a very entertaining novel, and also a very interesting description about race and how differently it can be experienced.

The only reason you say that race was not an issue is because you wish it was not. We all wish it was not. But it’s a lie. I came from a country where race was not an issue; I did not think of myself as black and I only became black when I came to America.

Of all the books I’ve read during 2020, Americanah is one of my favourites so far.

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Recently Read Books

Even though it’s been busy before summer vacation started, there has been time to read some light fiction, of course. Sometimes it’s nice to read books that might not have the “wow effect” because they still give you the satisfaction of being entertained and finishing a story, even if just to fill some prompts of the reading challenges. πŸ™‚

Reading experience doesn’t always have to be very deep and thought provoking. Sometimes it’s nice to just read and take your mind away from whatever stress you’re experiencing.

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Book review: The Guest List by Lucy Foley

July and summer vacation means of course more time for reading! My to-read pile is huge, so it’s time dig in to that pile and rediscover what I’ve purchased earlier this year (and last year). πŸ™‚ I’ve mentioned before that I don’t usually read modern day thrillers/mysteries, but somehow The Guest List made its way to my to-read pile, and it happened to be also one of the recent books to read in Reese Witherspoon’s book club. So why not?

It’s a strange thing when you consider that the dead on this island far outnumber the living, even now that some of the guests have arrived. Tomorrow will redress the balance.

I’m happy to say this was a pleasant surprise, can recommend!

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Book recommendation: Astrophysics for People in a Hurry by Neil deGrasse Tyson

Never ever would I have thought that one day I would voluntarily read a book about astrophysics (or understand much of it), but here I am: I read Astrophysics for People in a Hurry and I enjoyed it a lot.

Honestly I cannot write a review of this book, since I do not know enough of the subject to feel comfortable to make an attempt of a review. So instead I will heartily recommend it.

We do not simply live in this universe. The universe lives within us.

It was nice to be able to read something so out of my comfort zone and realize that I can enjoy a book despite the difficult science.

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Book review: The Five: The Untold Lives of the Women Killed by Jack the Ripper by Hallie Rubenhold

I’ve read a couple of very interesting non-fiction books recently and The Five is one of them. Very much recommended!

It is likely that Jack the Ripper is known to most of us in some way whether from history or different forms of fiction. You know: the mysterious killer, who stalked the streets of Victorian London and apparently targeted prostitutes? Except that the women weren’t all prostitutes.

Here’s a book that will finally give the spotlight to the victims and show them as so much more than “just prostitutes”.

It is for them that I write this book. I do so in the hope that we may now hear their stories clearly and give back to them that which was so brutally taken away with their lives: their dignity.

It took me a rather long time to read this book because it was just so full of fascinating details that I just wanted to slowly absorb it all.

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