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Book review: Help Me! by Marianne Power

Somehow it took me way too long to finish this book about self-help, but in the end it was an interesting read.

What happens when you try to follow the advice of various self-help books for a year? It certainly wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows for author Marianne Power and she tells openly about her experiment in her first book: Help Me!

I wasn’t taking a swim in Lake Me, I was drowning in it. Self-examination had turned to self-loathing.

I think I will stay away from self-help related books for a while now. 🙂

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Summer feels and foot injury update

June is done and it’s time to focus on relaxing. It’s summer holiday month in Finland! 🙂

It’s feels weird to “suddenly” be on vacation. I spent so much time stuck at home this year (with the foot injury) that I kinda wasn’t prepared to be at home again, but luckily it’s not with an injury this time! Summer vacation is always welcome, no matter what.

Summer house views during Midsummer. The sunset picture above was taken at 11pm so it really is the celebration of the nightless night. ❤

A week ago Midsummer celebrations kicked off summer holiday season and the weekend was really lovely. It must have been one of the warmest Midsummer weekends we’ve had in years.

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Book review: Poirot Investigates by Agatha Christie

And somehow we are in June. 🙂 Even in Finland it’s getting super lovely: scent of lilacs fills the air and we’ve had some really warm days with around 27 degrees celcius. The weather forces you to go outdoors and reading somehow slows down. I guess I’m just taking my time enjoying both the summer feeling as well as the books. ❤ No complaints there.

I’m working on finishing a couple of longer books which is why it’s been a bit quieter with the book reviews. I did however finish another Audible audiobook by Dame Agatha Christie and narrated by David Suchet.

Poirot investigates, picture credit to Audible
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Book Review: Marco Hietala – Stainless by Timo Kangasluoma

I finished reading Marco Hietala’s biography a week ago already, but somehow it felt difficult to write down what I thought of it.

I’m a huge fan of the Finnish symphonic metal band Nightwish, and obviously Marco Hietala is one of the band members, so I guess I found it a bit difficult to not just go all into fangirl mode when I sat down to write about this book. 🙂

Nyt minä itse soitan biisejä, joista nämä sukupolvet saavat kylmiä väreitä vielä vuosikymmenien jälkeen. Uskomatonta, jopa pelottavaa, mutta hienoa.

Rough translation from Finnish: ” Now it’s me who plays the songs that still after decades give the chills to these generations. Unbelievable, even scary, but great.”
Original Finnish edition of the book

Marco Hietala – Stainless tells the story of a great musician, and his rough journey towards success.

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Book review: The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

I’m not going to lie, I struggled to read this book that seems to be really liked by most Goodreads reviewers. This cozy book of the Guernsey island in 1940s should have been a quick read, but somehow it took me over a month to slowly read through 250 pages.

I could tell you more about reading and how it perked up our spirits while the Germans were here.

Perhaps I should’ve just watched the recently made movie first and then read the book! 🙂

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Foot injury update – first time at gym in four months!

Suddenly it’s May! 😮 Which means that it really is starting to look like spring, in Finnish standards anyway (it was still randomly snowing just a week ago). It also it means that it’s now been roughly 4 months since I had the first, more severe, plantar plate tear on my right foot and around 2 months since the less severe tear was found in my left foot.

Some green visible here and there!

Never ever did I think that this would take so long! Finding the patience to go through recovery definitely still feels challenging at times.

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Book review: The Golden Cage by Camilla Läckberg

The long Easter weekend provided some nice time for reading, so I read this book within 24 hours . 🙂 When I noticed a new book is coming from the Swedish crime writer Camilla Läckberg, I immediately pre-ordered the Finnish translation to be able get my hands on it right away, as the English translation is still to be released.

Heidän raivonsa oli hänen raivoaan. Ja hänen raivonsa oli heidän raivoaan.

Translation: Their rage was her rage. And her rage was their rage.
Finnish translation of The Golden Cage

Camilla Läckberg takes on a new territory with The Golden Cage with a new, more bold main character and a darker setting. Did I enjoy this book more than her long Fjällbacka series? Nope, but I still devoured it!

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