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Book recommendations from November

First week of December is gone and I can’t believe this year is actually coming to an end! Not complaining though, but honestly I can’t believe that it’s Christmas in just a couple of weeks and that means many holiday days and lots and lots of reading time. ❤ As mentioned in my previous post, I read less during November (due to focusing on writing), but there were a couple of books I read and would like to recommend.

Three very different books but I enjoyed all of them in different ways. Caitlin Moran’s book had me laughing so much, and the lightly Christmas themed book from Josie Silver was great for this season. And Varjonyrkkeilijä tells a difficult, and relevant, story on how a sport coaches can use their power in such horrible ways on young athletes.

More Than A Woman by Caitlin Moran

We read More Than A Woman in our book club, and we thoroughly enjoyed it. This book had us all laughing while we read it, and again when we discussed it in our remote meeting. I was the one to suggest this book, since I had years ago enjoyed Moran’s previous book (How To Be A Woman) and I was so glad that this funny, clever, feminist book made everyone’s days a bit lighter. Moran goes through her daily joys and struggles as a woman who now has more experience in life (dare I say the experience of a middle aged woman?). The book of course discusses also many difficult themes about being a woman, or being a man in today’s world of increasingly empowered women, or very personal matters like Moran’s child struggling with eating disorder. But no matter how heavy or light the topic, Moran tells it like it is and with the kind of humour that was perfect for this dark season, on this dark year. Very much recommended!

One Day in December by Josie Silver

I meant to read One Day in December last year on Christmas holiday but somehow didn’t have the time, and decided that I’d save it for this Christmas season to help me get into the mood of the holiday season. I have to say that it actually wasn’t as “Christmassy” or winter orientated as I thought. Perhaps the surroundings were just left to the background as the story very much focused on the two main characters who meet one day in December and we then see their troublesome relationship develop over the years. It was an entertaining, romantic book and I really have no complaints about it. I wanted something light to read, something that would give me a feeling of the winter season and the book did well enough. One Day In December is a good book when you’re looking for something nice and easy to read and take your mind away from the reality of this year.

Varjonyrkkeilijä by Inga Magga

Varjonyrkkeilijä (translates as Shadow Boxer) is a Finnish book about a very recent and relevant subject of sexual abuse in sport environments. The story is fiction, but it’s written by a Finnish professional thai boxer and she really brought her natural knowledge of training to her first book. The book was difficult to get through at times, as you might imagine. The story revolves around a girl and her boxing coach, who coaches her to be the best boxer and also abuses her both physically and mentally. And later we get to also follow the story of the daughter of the boxing coach as she starts to learn the truth of her father. At least in Finland there has been active discussion about sport coaches abusing their power over young athletes, so this story really seemed like it could have been told as a true story in a magazine. Very touching, very disturbing and thought provoking.

The year is coming to an end soon and I’m still trying very hard to complete the reading challenges for this year. Still a couple of books to go, I think I’ll be able to make it! These three books from November fill these prompts from the reading challenges:

More Than A Woman by Caitlin Moran
– You like the first sentence of the book (Helmet Reading Challenge)
– A book about a book club (Popsugar Reading Challenge) – I have to admit I cheated a bit here since the book isn’t about a book club, but it was read by our book club, so sort of close enough! 🙂

One Day In December by Josie Silver
– Two books with very similar titles, book 2/2 (Helmet Reading Challenge) – The other book with similar title was One Day by David Nicholls
– A book recommended by your favorite blog, vlog, podcast, or online book club (Popsugar Reading Challenge)

Varjonyrkkeilijä by Inga Magga
– A book by a Sámi author (Helmet Reading Challenge) . The Sámi are an indigenous people, living in the northern parts of Finland, Sweden, Norway and an area in Russia.
– A book that’s published in 2020 (Popsugar Reading Challenge)


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