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Book review: The Guest List by Lucy Foley

July and summer vacation means of course more time for reading! My to-read pile is huge, so it’s time dig in to that pile and rediscover what I’ve purchased earlier this year (and last year). 🙂 I’ve mentioned before that I don’t usually read modern day thrillers/mysteries, but somehow The Guest List made its way to my to-read pile, and it happened to be also one of the recent books to read in Reese Witherspoon’s book club. So why not?

It’s a strange thing when you consider that the dead on this island far outnumber the living, even now that some of the guests have arrived. Tomorrow will redress the balance.

I’m happy to say this was a pleasant surprise, can recommend!

Because I usually read historical/cozy mysteries, I enjoyed the traditional closed environment setting of The Guest List: a remote island, a storm to keep the people limited to the island surroundings and very bad cell phone reception. In other words the setting was very “Agatha Christie”, despite the modern era, which worked well for me.

I won’t go into the details of the plot to avoid spoilers. The point of the story is that someone is murdered in the middle of a beautiful, lavish wedding and we start to figure out who was murdered, who are the people who had arrived to the wedding and what kind of motives they could have. Turns out many of them have dark secrets (of course!). I think this was done in a very clever way: the book has quite short chapters and we get to see the wedding day and the day before through the eyes of various main characters/suspects. It felt very dynamic to read, a refreshing way to explore a traditional mystery, but it can be irritating if you dislike changing the point of view of the story so often. I haven’t read anything else from author Lucy Foley, so I don’t know if The Guest List reflects her usual writing style.

I guessed some of the plot twists, but the murderer remained a mystery to me until the end. Overall The Guest List was light and entertaining to read, and I wouldn’t mind reading another book by Lucy Foley.

The Guest List fills these prompts from the two Reading Challenges I’m doing this year:

In the book, someone is on an island (Helmet Reading Challenge)

A book that’s published in 2020 (Popsugar Reading Challenge)


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