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Book review: Blood of Elves by Andrzej Sapkowski

Back to fantasy , my original favorite genre! ❤

I really loved the Witcher games, spent something like 300+ hours with Witcher 3 only and just couldn’t get enough of it. And now Netflix has an awesome first season for the Witcher and it really met all my expectations! I’ve also been a fan of Henry Cavill since his role in the Tudors so it’s really nice to see him have the role of Geralt. He and Anya Chalotra were so, so great as Geralt and Yennefer that I almost couldn’t believe it. I highly recommend watching the series on Netflix and of course playing the Withcer games.

So anyway, whenever I get excited about fiction, I want to have it all. So of course the next thing to do was to read more of the Witcher books that the games and the tv series are based on. I had read the short story collection The Last Wish like nine years ago, after I had played the first Witcher game, but somehow I didn’t read the rest of the available books back then. So now I read the next one: The Blood of Elves.

Until you understand what a sword is, and what purpose it serves in a witcher’s hand, you will not pick one up. You are not learning in order to kill and be killed. You are not learning to kill out of fear and hatred, but in order to save lives. Your own and those of others.

I really enjoyed reading Blood of Elves and look forward to reading more of these books.

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Book review: On Living by Kerry Egan

I read something very different this time: On Living is a book about people who are dying and their thoughts about living, dying and everything in between. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but overall it was a good experience to read and be reminded about the limited time we all have on this planet.

Become who you want to be while you can enjoy it. Don’t put off doing the work of becoming who you want to be. Waiting will not make it easier and time is short.

On Living gets 3 stars from me

I don’t know if reading On Living gives any huge, life changing advice but it does give a gentle reminder that life is meant for living until the very last breath.

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Book Review: Dying in the Wool by Frances Brody

I think I’ve mentioned before that I really enjoy mysteries that are cozy and set in the early 1900s. So I decided to try a new series, which is always very exciting, but also a bit daunting: what if you waste your time getting to know a whole new setting and a bunch of characters, when you could’ve been reading something much better? It’s a gamble and unfortunately I think I lost when I read Dying in the Wool by Frances Brody.

So why shouldn’t I take on a difficult task and accept money?

I gave it just two stars unfortunately 😦

I seriously considered not finishing this book.

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Mini Book Review: Cat Among the Pigeons by Agatha Christie

Being sick and stuck at home means there is time to read some books so here’s a mini review of a recent book I read. Cat Among the Pigeons is one of Agatha Christie’s books with Hercule Poirot involved in the case.

“Everybody always knows something,” said Adam, “even if it’s something they don’t know they know.”

Cat Among the Pigeons in Audible

I hadn’t read this one before so my knowledge of this story was based on the Poirot tv series episode from 2009.

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Book Review: Westend by Suvi Vaarla

Westend is a book that caught my attention because it’s a story about a bad time that I barely remember: the depression that shook Finland in the 90s. I was just a child back then and have just vague memories of these grown-up worries, so it was really interesting to pick up this book and dive into the time that affected so many in our country.

There are days that draw a line: before and after. Time is cut in two. What we’re left with are two stories: story of loss and story of surviving.

(Freely translated from Finnish.)

I was pleasantly surprised how quickly I read through Westend and how many nostalgic thoughts it brought out.

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Book Review: Paris for One and Other Stories by Jojo Moyes

First book read to kickoff the Reading Challenges! A new year deserves a gentle start, right? So what better than to read something that makes you feel like you could have a glass of your favorite beverage and just enjoy something easy and light.

I’m serious. Life is short. Too short for such obvious anxiety.

(Translated freely from the Finnish edition of the book.)
Finnish edition of Paris for One and Other Stories

I wanted to read something that would switch off my brain in a good way and for that Paris For One and Other Stories worked well. 🙂

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Happy New Year and happy new Reading Challenges!

2020 has started and I wish you all a joyful year! Personally I am hoping that 2020 will bring better health as 2019 was a surprisingly bad year health-wise. As a result, my new year’s resolution is to put my well-being first and slow down to prevent breaking down.

And what’s the best way of slowing down? Reading! Except if you’re racing to complete a Reading Challenge, or TWO Reading Challenges like me this year. Yes, that’s right: I will try to handle two Reading Challenges, yikes.

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