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Book review: Dear Girls by Ali Wong

Ali Wong is awesome. Her stand-up specials on Netflix are super funny so if you haven’t seen Baby Cobra and Hard-Knock Wife, I highly recommend watching those. Laughing and crying from the laughter might happen. It did to me. 🙂

So when Ali Wong announced that she is releasing a book, I pre-ordered it immediately!

Stand-up is not supposed to be warm and fuzzy or welcoming. If it was, everyone would be doing it.

Dear Girls is extremely funny, full of disgustingly juicy details from Ali’s life, but it also very interesting details from a person who has grown up and made her life in the middle of a multicultrural family and environment. That is a subject that is very personal to me too and that theme made this book extra special to me.

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November feels

Autumn has changed to winter here in Finland and even though it’s been all gloomy and rainy for most days, we did get a bit of snow here in the south too. It’s gone now but it was lovely while it lasted. 🙂

This is so much better than rain and dark, muddy ground in addition to the early darkness we get this time of the year.

November is hated by many, but I tend to enjoy it. It’s my birthday month, maybe that has something to do with it (making me more tolerant to dark and misery?) and of course it’s the season of hygge. The weather demands you to stay indoors and just enjoy being warm and cozy.

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Book review: The Course of Love by Alain de Botton

I founded a bookclub this autumn and The Course of Love was the second book that was picked to be read together. The theme was romance and we had all kinds of suggestions varying from historical to paranormal romance, but in the end The Course of Love won the vote and I’m very happy it did.

The partner truly best suited to us is not the one who miraculously happens to share every taste, but the one who can negotiate differences in taste with intelligence and grace .

I’m not even sure if I would’ve categorized this as a romance novel. It was a very different take on a genre that I am quite familiar with. The Course of Love felt more like a manual to being in a romantic relationship, and author Alain De Botton is the guide to it all.

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