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Book review: Seriously…I’m Kidding by Ellen DeGeneres

This book was exactly what I wanted for a warm summer day: light and funny! And it was also perfect for the 24in48 readathon weekend where you kinda want something that’s quick to read so you can meet your goals. 🙂 Not that I take challenges seriously or anything…

If someone ever says you’re weird, say thank you. And then curtsy. No, don’t curtsy. That might be too weird. Bow. And tip your imaginary hat. That’ll show them.

And no, didn’t make it to 24 hours of reading with the readathon. But I did finish two books and read for roughly 13 hours during the weekend. Not bad at all!

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Book review: Islantilainen voittaa aina (An Icelander Always Wins)

I fell in love with Iceland when we had a short vacation there a few years ago. There was something about the overall vibe that felt both very homely and fascinatingly strange to me. It felt like a really great place to be. I can easily say that of all the holiday trips I’ve had, that short trip to Iceland is among my top 5 places I’ve visited. So when I stumbled upon Satu Rämö’s book, I was more than happy to read more about Iceland especially from the perspective of a Finn who has moved there.

Kadehdin islantilaisilta heidän taitoaan olla kaikessa maailman parhaita ja ottaa kehut vastaan vilpittömästi hymyillen.

Rough translation from Finnish: I envy the Icelanders for their ability to be the very best in everything and for their ability to accept praise with a sincere smile.

And now I’m definitely feeling the urge to travel back to Iceland! 🙂

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Book review: Help Me! by Marianne Power

Somehow it took me way too long to finish this book about self-help, but in the end it was an interesting read.

What happens when you try to follow the advice of various self-help books for a year? It certainly wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows for author Marianne Power and she tells openly about her experiment in her first book: Help Me!

I wasn’t taking a swim in Lake Me, I was drowning in it. Self-examination had turned to self-loathing.

I think I will stay away from self-help related books for a while now. 🙂

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