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Book review: Poirot Investigates by Agatha Christie

And somehow we are in June. 🙂 Even in Finland it’s getting super lovely: scent of lilacs fills the air and we’ve had some really warm days with around 27 degrees celcius. The weather forces you to go outdoors and reading somehow slows down. I guess I’m just taking my time enjoying both the summer feeling as well as the books. ❤ No complaints there.

I’m working on finishing a couple of longer books which is why it’s been a bit quieter with the book reviews. I did however finish another Audible audiobook by Dame Agatha Christie and narrated by David Suchet.

Poirot investigates, picture credit to Audible

Poirot Investigates offers a set of short stories that are mostly narrated by David Suchet and a couple narrated by Hugh Fraser, who played Captain Hastings in the same tv series where David Suchet played Poirot. It’s strange that Hugh Fraser isn’t credited anywhere for his reading, you just have to recognize his very familiar voice.

As with all Agatha Christies, you know that you’re in for excellent mysteries whenever you choose to read her work. This time it was in the form of over 10 short stories with Poirot and Hastings.

While the short stories are very good, there is the small issue of having very little time to focus on details or even red herrings. I remembered all of the plots more or less, and was spared some of the pressure to focus on each and every word I was listening to, but if you’re new to these then listen carefully so you won’t suddenly miss something crucial. 🙂 I tend to do house chores when listening to audiobooks, so the familiar Agatha Christie mysteries are perfect to enjoy when you’re dividing your focus between the audio book and e.g. folding laundry. As I said in my previous Poirot audiobook review, David Suchet as Poirot is a calming voice to me and I like to listen to him in the evenings.

Some of the short stories are of course more interesting than others but overall I think the quality was good in all of them especially since they are proper mysteries fitted into less pages. My favourite of these stories was The Adventure of the Egyptian Tomb. I’m really into archaeology as a theme and Agatha Christie, with her past, can bring the dig sites to life and there is something magical in the way how there was still so much to discover back in early 1900s.

Poirot Investigates fills out this Reading Challenge prompt for me:

2. Someone is looking for a missing person or an item in the book 

This prompt in the Reading Challenge is almost made for a mystery book. 🙂 There were many things missing and looked for in these short stories, and Poirot is right there to find them. ❤

What Reading Challenge? Check out my earlier post here.


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