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Foot injury and not being the greatest person while recovering

First physiotherapy session done and many home “workouts” to do at home before the next one! I was so happy to be able to go for a brunch and see Captain Marvel last weekend (loved it!) and just stretch my legs a bit and do normal stuff.

It doesn’t take much to have my injured foot tired and aching but I am slowly getting better so I thought I’d share some things I’ve noticed about recovering during these past months.

It’s spring so there’s more and more daylight which is welcome.

This was my first injury of this severity and it surprised me how I didn’t feel like myself at all during the worst weeks of the injury. But as the pain got easier, I was able to have better moments and reflect about how I was really feeling.

I’m not the easiest patient to live with and I can admit that many, many times I really felt sorry for my husband who not only had to take care of most of the house chores after work days, but also he had to take care of a wife who was reluctant to accept help. 😦

Some not so nice things I discovered about myself during these weeks

• I need something meaningful to do to feel that I still serve some purpose.
• I absolutely hate feeling helpless and get very quickly very frustrated.
• It is very difficult to ask for help with the simple everyday things.
• It’s so easy to slip to a vortex of pessimism about everything when it hurts constantly.
• Time slows down when in pain and being just cooped up makes it difficult to visualize life after the injury is done.
• I was feeling very angry at myself for not being able to heal faster (as if I could somehow control it) and unrealistic expectations led to even more frustrations.
• Losing independence was a major shock-like feeling: not being able to walk or drive whenever I wanted felt really unnatural. Even getting anything from an upper-shelf was impossible (I still need help with that).
• When suddenly regular exercising stops, it will hurt everywhere for a while. That was literally a pain in the ass and I am also constantly aware of possible weight gain and losing muscle mass. Not helping with the overall feeling.
• I am an introvert, and need some solitude every day, but it’s totally different when it’s not voluntary. I got lonely being all the time at home and on the other hand I’m a bit nervous of getting back to being social after being at home for a few months.

Ways to counter those negative feelings

  • Accept help, I need it and it is offered willingly. I am not a burden.
  • Consider talking to a professional for additional help and perspective.
  • Whenever I had even a bit less pain, I actively tried to do something that made me feel good or even happy. Things like:
    • Grocery orders. They were still done by me even if I wasn’t able to cook (too much standing) so I felt a bit more useful at home
    • Watching favorite tv series
    • Reading to keep up with the Reading Challenge I’m doing
    • I drafted blog posts when I could, it made me feel like I was doing something with a purpose before I could go back to work
    • Stretching and doing some upper body workout moves to counter being on the couch all the time
    • Remote work saved a lot of my sanity when I was able to start it
  • As Elsa said: let it goooo!
    • Accept that it will take a long time to feel “normal” again.
    • Stop trying to bargain with yourself to try and recover faster by some miracle
    • Let go of expectations and plans and let recovering happen at its own pace

For the record, it’s still not easy and I struggle to keep up with my own advice to counter negative feelings.

For instance: I’ve always been a planner (my husband would say control freak) and it pains me to not be able to do plans for a holiday trip. I get two steps forward with the recovery and that’s when I feel I can do anything and plan everything….And then the recovery goes one step backwards and we’re back in being frustrated and upset. And repeat.

It’s going to be a long spring. 😀


I love books, games and the coziness of our house (currently it's the kingdom of me and my husband). My work in a game studio as a Senior HR Specialist keeps me busy and social, but I am an introvert in my core. Navigating life between my very social work and my introvert, less social personality can be tricky and it goes hand in hand with my interest in overall personal well-being.

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