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Book Review: Desperate Hours by David Mack

Have you watched the newest Star Trek show on Netflix? It is soooo good. Second season of Star Trek: Discovery just started and I hope they will still make many seasons in the future!

The book I read is the first of a series of prequels for the Netflix show. Now, I need to say a disclaimer that I haven’t been a hardcore fan of Star Trek franchise, even though it has been part of my life ever since some of my very early years. My first memories of anything Star Trek related was watching some episodes with my late dad when I was very little and later on re-watching mostly episodes of Star Trek: Next Generation and the more recent movies that premiered some years ago. All of those I enjoyed a lot, but couldn’t really call myself a true fan. Then it happened that with this newest one, Star Trek: Discovery, I felt right at home.

How can it be, after all that the human race went through on Earth in the last few centuries, that some people still haven’t learned there are more important things in life than financial gain?

A couple of words still about the tv show before we get to the book:

I love good quality space opera mixed with military scifi and the Discovery delivers in this. Not only does it look great, it is full of interesting, diverse characters and moral dilemmas. And I really have to emphasize the word diversity in this. How many tv shows or movies do you know that has women of color and different age groups at the center of power and action while also being interesting and complex? Throw in openly gay characters, main romance also being of an ethnic background and some cool aliens and you have a very interesting starship crew to follow.

Watching the first episodes took my breath away in how fresh this all felt in this genre or on tv overall. I love, love, love it when a fantasy or scifi makes it feel like our race, gender, sexuality and all that really doesn’t matter anymore. We are all humans and there are other species that we need to get along with too. 🙂 I don’t care if hard-core fans find some fault in this tv show in regards of lore and canon or whatever, I love Star Trek: Discovery with all the little knowledge I have as a relatively new fan to the franchise. It is fresh, modern and interesting. Plus it has Michelle Yeoh, who still kicks ass. I’ve been a fan of hers since I was very young. ❤

So anyway, this long explanation leads to the book I read, because I craved more stories about the characters of Star Trek: Discovery. Luckily there are already a couple of prequel books available and I read the first one which is called Desperate Hours.

The book follows the main character of the tv show, Michael Burnham becoming the first officer on the Starship Shenzhou. We are thus taken to some years before the tv show, which happens somewhere in the 2250s. The book has several familiar characters that appear in the tv show and it felt very rewarding to learn more about them.

Without going into too much detail, or spoilers, the story is a nice and compact space adventure, kinda like a typical Star Trek episode but in a book. There is a space colony, something goes horribly wrong, a new alien form is discovered and there is much to prove for many of the characters in this book.

Sure, there are some minor details that were different in Desperate Hours compared to the most recent revealings in the current season of the tv show, but it’s understandable since the book and the tv show are written separately. I didn’t mind that much. The only thing that I didn’t care for was a subplot of scheming colonists, which I did not find that necessary for this story. Overall I think this book is a solid 4.5/5.

For the Reading Challenge, Desperate Hours fills this prompt for me:

41. A book about a time period you would like to live in

I love reading about certain historical periods and could’ve easily filled this prompt with one of those books, but in the end we know the past more or less. How cool would it be to see the future where we have evolved from many of the restrictions of this day and see the new wonders of a very expanded world?

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