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Book Review: Desperate Hours by David Mack

Have you watched the newest Star Trek show on Netflix? It is soooo good. Second season of Star Trek: Discovery just started and I hope they will still make many seasons in the future!

The book I read is the first of a series of prequels for the Netflix show. Now, I need to say a disclaimer that I haven’t been a hardcore fan of Star Trek franchise, even though it has been part of my life ever since some of my very early years. My first memories of anything Star Trek related was watching some episodes with my late dad when I was very little and later on re-watching mostly episodes of Star Trek: Next Generation and the more recent movies that premiered some years ago. All of those I enjoyed a lot, but couldn’t really call myself a true fan. Then it happened that with this newest one, Star Trek: Discovery, I felt right at home.

How can it be, after all that the human race went through on Earth in the last few centuries, that some people still haven’t learned there are more important things in life than financial gain?

A couple of words still about the tv show before we get to the book:

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Some progress with the foot injury!

In one of my previous posts I went through the foot injury (plantar plate tear and stress fracture) I suffered about two months ago. This week I finally got confirmation that surgery at this point is not necessary and that I can slowly start rehabilitation and physiotherapy. Phew, what a relief!

It’s still a long and painful road but at least I won’t need to recover from a surgery that might leave me with less mobility than before!

After six weeks I am free of the boot thingy! Also, I haven’t cared about matching socks all this year 🙂

So now it’s all about new challenges.

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Book Review: We Should All Be Feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

This isn’t really a review, more a recommendation to read this essay. Everything about this book was good, the title says it all.

Culture does not make people. People make culture. If it is true that the full humanity of women is not our culture, then we can and must make it our culture.

We Should All Be Feminists book cover picture credit to Goodreads.

We Should All Be Feminists is an essay that’s modified from Adichie’s TEDx talk and it works very well in written form also.

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Book Review: Girls of Riyadh by Rajaa Alsanea

I picked Girls of Riyadh specifically to match one of the prompts for the Reading Challenge I’m participating in, so this book hasn’t been on my to-read list and I don’t think I would’ve read it without the Reading Challenge.

Honestly I’m unsure how to review this book. Overall I did not enjoy it much, but then again the book is of an unfamiliar culture and I’m well aware that some details were lost to me while having a lot more impact on someone else.

I will not become attached to him before he proposes!

Girls of Riyadh book cover credit to Goodreads.

Girls of Riyadh reveals snippets of the hidden lives of Saudi women. It concentrates on four (apparently fictional) young women who seem to be of the upper class and they all have challenges in their romantic relationships.

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Book Review: The Mitford Murders by Jessica Fellowes

I really wanted to like this book. After all it should be right up my alley: Early 1900s England, murder mystery, female protagonist and the author Jessica Fellowes is familiar to me from Downton Abbey companion books that she wrote. My expectations were really high!

Louisa felt her shoulders relax and realized she had had them hunched over for so long.

(I think I never got over Louisa’s guarded character.)

I’m sad to say that I struggled to read it. Mitford Murders didn’t let me down in setting, or the way author Jessica Fellowes writes, but the main characters were just so bland in this book that I just lost interest way too soon and almost did not finish it.

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Plantar plate tear, stress fracture and lots of pain

I’ve been mentioning the words “foot injury” a couple of times and thought that it would be good to go through some thoughts about it.

I had some random pains in my right foot in November/December and just after I had created this blog my foot pains got a lot worse and I finally went to doctor to get it properly checked. After an x-ray and an MRI, it turned out that at some point my foot had suffered a stress fracture in one of the sesamoid bones and even worse, a plantar plate tear. I have no idea what caused these but I normally exercise actively so I most likely did this to myself over time.

This winter turned out to be really snowy and beautiful and I’m sad that I wasn’t able to go out and enjoy it.

This was right in the beginning of January, and we are now in mid-February, so for someone who is used to being active and independent, this has been much more difficult than I thought. I haven’t had an injury of this severity since I was a kid, so being helpless and in pain was new and extremely uncomfortable for me and I was surprised at how strongly I reacted to all of it.

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Book review: Lucky Dog Lessons by Brandon McMillan

Something completely different from the previous books!

We unfortunately do not have pets yet, but have been wanting to get a dog for some time now. So reading about dogs is an interest and I’ve been reading dog training books every now and then. Why not prepare thoroughly when there is time and possibility to do this?

Training is not dominating.

Image credit of Lucky Dog Lessons: Goodreads

I’ve been watching Lucky Dog TV show whenever I’ve noticed it was on and I really liked Brandon McMillan’s style of handling animal training. I then discovered that he’d written a very practical book called Lucky Dog Lessons and I figured it was time to recap on some dog training 101.

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